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Video Gallery

New Horizon Breakfast Group 01-14-2020

Guest Speaker, Grace Schoemakers with GP Schoemakers PLLC

New horizon Breakfast Group 01-21-2020

Major Arnaud with Major website’s presentation on January 21, 2020.

New Horizon Breakfast Group 01-28-2020

Guest Speaker, Jan McGoven with BH Gardens Gary Greene

New Horizon Breakfast Networking Meeting 02-02-2020.

The guest speaker was Pat Fitch with Southern Coast Mortgage, LLC. Pat spoke about reversed mortgages.

New Horizon Networking Group’s 02-18-2020

 Speaker Sam Reichek with Bay Area Communications (713) 252-2612 sam@bayareacomm.com

New Horizon speaker 02-25-2020

Susan Luna with Light Myofascial Release Centers

(Audio is not syncing to video)

New Horizon Breakfast Group meeting 03-03-2020

Guest speaker Doris Warford with Tranot

New Horizon Breakfast Group meeting 03-10-2020